Just as TGS started to take shape and stiffen up, the early pictures from the Acquire booth showed a booth companion promoting upcoming Wii title Gladiator Begins. Perhaps, those pictures (like the ones taken by mainstream Japanese news source Nikkei) showed a little too much.

It was pretty awesome to see all the four big guys playing Guitar Hero World Tour, but if you have noticed, or have watched tv recently... Heidi Klum is new Guitar Hero people. Guess that's gonna boost the sale for Guitar Hero. Watch out rock band

apparently there are two versions, the one here is the sexy one that you won't be able to see on TV.
director's cut video after the jump, enjoy and buy the game

here we go...

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Hey Gamer: the time has come to crawl out of your basement hovel and get your calloused thumbs on these buttons. From the fertile mind of French designer John Nouanesing comes the “Geekini,” a classic two-piece bikini featuring strategically placed A, B and directional buttons from the original Nintendo controller. Okay, it’s a little cheesy, but it beats those shorts with “Juicy” embossed on the ass.

Unfortunately the Geekini strictly a concept piece at the moment, but that’s okay, because you’ll probably need a little time to round up a girl to put in it in. After the jump, see full photos and find out where they put the “Start” and “Select” buttons.

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Ok..this is totally crazy Remember Topless Wii and Topless Wii: The Revengening? Well this is different. This is Topless Wii Fit, as inspired by that one underpants video of the Wii Fit girl gyrating around. Like we said, different. Zoo Today has a really NSFW video and a slightly NSFW video. The slightly NSFW video after the jump. Head over to Zoo to see the jiggly jubblies. If you can play Wii Fit looking like this, let us know.

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the 2008 ESWC took place in France this year and we need to applaud these ladies for the outstanding performance they've put up. I mean how many girls in this world can play games like that?!



heres two recent fan art that got some attention...well from other websites

So the hilarious game Bad Company came out. They hired another hottie to promote the game in Japan. When do people in the states start to do they eh?